A Simple Koi Pond Design

Jun 16th

Koi pond design is making a design for Koi fish; usually the pond is not too large because Koi is not kind of fishes for consumption. It is a kind of decorative fish which it can be behind or in front of the house. Treating Koi fish is not easy because there are many aspect you should pay attention.

small koi pond design
small koi pond design


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What Are The Things We Should Pay Attention In Making A Koi Pond Design?

There are some things you should know if you want to make a simple Koi pond. First, do not use tarpaulin for making the pond, because it is not good for Koi. Then, make the depth of the pond around 30 till 50 cm, so Koi can be seen by people in the surface. Besides that, the quality of water is also very crucial things in treating Koi.


How to Design Koi Pond?

You should think about the construction of the pond, it is to avoid leakage. Furthermore, you have to know exactly the depth of the pond, because the depth is not more than 1 meter. Then, pay attention to the filter system, so the water keeps clean and healthy. Moreover, choose a good pomp machine and pay attention to the electric capacity.

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