Second Floor Birdhouse Designs

Jun 19th

Birdhouse designs have much kind of types. You can choose what types you want to make your cutest birdhouse. Most of birdhouse is using a roof, floor, wall, and a door as a basic element. However, if you want to have a unique birdhouse, I will show you in this article.

simple birdhouse designs
simple birdhouse designs

How to Make a Unique Birdhouse Designs?

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The second floor of birdhouse is as a unique thing that this article will show you. To make the second floor of birdhouse, you do not need to remake your birdhouse if you already have a birdhouse. You just detached the entire roof on your birdhouse. Do not forget to prepare another wood to make the other wall. After you already detached the roof, add the wood on the top of the walls. Make it flat as the same as the first floor on your birdhouse. Then, add some wall again and cover with the roof. Do not forget to make a door on the second floor.

Additional Steps in Realizing the Birdhouse Idea

Finally, your second floor birdhouse has been finished.You can paint your birdhouse with your favorite color to make it beautiful. Keep your birdhouse clean because a clean birdhouse makes your bird feel comfort to stay.

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